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Simply visualise all your sensor data to easily explore context. Use our tree to structure your data.


Compare and analyse graphs and trends. Use machine learning to discover hidden insights.


Get alerted when thresholds are crossed. Connect other systems into the platform.

IoT set
Tingsense delivers a complete platform from data ingestion to advanced analytics. You can connect your existing sensors and data sources or we will help you to build a turn-key system with wireless LoRaWAN or NB-IoT sensors.

Tingsense is developed to:

  • Enable you to represent your sensor data in a meaningful way
  • Derive additional insight from your data
  • Trigger alerts and reports
  • Enable machine learning to predict trends
  • Create business outcome for you or your customers

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Tingsense is different:

Tingsense is developed by Greenflow AS to support customers in their journey to derive value from sensor data. Our focus is on ease of use and a smart representation of aggregated data. We believe that data only works when it is structured and thus we enable customers to create their own logical representation of data through our unique tree concept.

This works just as well for smart buildings as for municipalities. Create alarms and triggers for any sensor or group of sensors. Our machine learning capabilities will help you to explore additional insight into your data no matter if you work with smart construction, environmental monitoring or energy efficiency.

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Tingsense IoT Platform

Use Tingsense as your SaaS IoT platform or source a complete sensor solution from Greenflow AS.