Enable data driven decisions

Tingsense is a cloud based IoT platform that supports you in your digital initiatives and transformation processes.

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Simple visualizations or full data exploration

Tingsense is the perfect platform for your smart building, smart city, smart agriculture or industry 4.0 project.
Visualize KPIs in dashboards or deep dive into time series. Use as a SaaS solution or purchase a turn-key project with sensors and full implementation.

Any sensor or data source
Integrate sensors utilizing any technology such as LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM or any proprietary technology. We help you with the integration.
Alert and event engine
Track deviations and create advanced alerts. Multiple alert channel options are available. Use our node based event engine to do complex analysis and integrate into any system.
You own the data
Tingsense is a single tenant platform. You will get your own database. You own the data. Move it via API or request the full database. We focus on security and do not want to lock you in.
Explore time series data
We see two user types: Managers that want visual information already analyzed to quickly make good decisions. Engineers that explore and understand new relationships in the data through a deep dive.
White labelling
Tingsense is very versatile and can be used for smart building, smart city, energy monitoring, industrial IoT and many other areas. System integrators and OEMs can whitelabel the plattform.
Connect to any cloud
Tingsense provides a cost effective way of enabling data-driven business. It has its own API and connects to any other cloud like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud...

Simple, yet powerful dashboards

Visualize complex relationships in simple dashboards. Use advanced analytics to make sense of your data driven enterprise. Your KPIs, your goals, your insights.

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Do not underestimate experience

Analyse data with math and machine learning. But do not underestimate the human factor. We constantly see engineers and operations people that use their vast experience to see correlations in the time series graphs. Tingsense supports you in the visual inspection of large times series data sets. Very effectively.

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Tingsense Features

Below you find some screenshots of the different aspects of Tingsense. These are just some examples. Please les us know how your use case should look like and ask us for a guided demo of the platform and its possibilities.

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We can provide turn-key solutions with sensors included or provide Tingsense as a SaaS solution for OEMs or system integrators. Our focus is on quickly creating value for our customers. Many different sensors and sensor technologies are already implemented. New integrations will be implemented quickly.

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Some examples of existing sensor integrations

Tingsense can handle any data source. MQTT, cloud2cloud through REST API, sockets or webhooks.
Either we have your sensor choice already implemented or we can do a quick and inexpensive integration.

Elsys, Globalsat, Tektelic, Decentlabs, NKE, Ascoel and many others. Please let us know which sensor you want to integrate.
We support Airthinx and many other GSM or NB-IoT based sensor systems. Avoid operational responsibility for a network.
We have integrated Airthings, Disruptive Technologies, Tiny Mesh and many other proprietary technologies. Show us yours.
WiFi and Bluetooth can also be an option. We connect all traditional bus systems such as Wireless Mbus, Modbus, KNX, BACnet.

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